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I personally like Bitly and has served me well over the years for my personal use. Blanq on the other hand is a perfect Bitly alternative for anybody looking for custom domain integration, link-management, link routing and, analytics.

Here are the top reasons why.

Cost-effective than Bitly

Blanq is about 45% cheaper than Bitly for similar platform functionality. Bitly’s cheapest plan costs $35 compared to Blanq’s $19 per month plan. Blanq’s Starter plan is also feature-rich and is more generous with limits.

Bitly’s Basic plan offers just 1 custom domain and 1,500 branded links while on the other hand, we offer 5 custom domains and 5000 branded links in the Starter plan.

Flexible Plans

Bitly has just 1 regular plan and a custom plan for large enterprises. If you are somewhere in the middle then you are out of luck.

Blanq has 2 regular plans, a custom plan and a very generous free plan. If you get on-board with the Starter plan and realise you need slightly bigger limits then you can quickly upgrade to the Standard plan.

Choose your plan based on your consumption.

Link Routing

Flows is a link routing feature that lets you create alternative links for the same short URL. For each alternative link, you can add up to 4 different conditions namely: Language, Country, Device and Platform.

The flows are executed if these conditions are met(when the user clicks on your short URL). I have written a detailed post on link routing here.

Quick Support

Blanq support is quick and personal. Email replies are sometimes within minutes of receiving sender’s email.

Feel free to ask any question or customize your experience on Blanq. You can even ask for a feature and we will be glad to prioritize it.

Equally Reliable

Blanq has a near 100% uptime which is the industry standard for web applications. This ensures your short links always work.

All your links get a free custom SSL(https) which make it far safer. Bitly does not provide out of the box SSL security for custom domains.

To sum it up, if you are looking for a reliable and feature-loaded Bitly alternative, look no further. Blanq is cost-effective, highly reliable and is already being used by some of the leading brands like La Vuelta, Movistar and Turbo Kicthen.

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