Branded short links – What are they?

Branded short links are short links that have your brand name in them. For example, when you create a short link using a generic URL shortener like Tinyurl or Bitly, it looks something like this:

Such links appear spammy and are not usually trusted by people. Several subreddits on Reddit for instance, ban such short links from being posted.

Branded links, on the other hand, are instantly recognizable and stand out.

A recent study has revealed that branded short links have far higher click-through rates (upto 35% highrt) than generic short links.

How can I create a branded short link?

First and foremost, you either need a spare domain for your primary website or you can use a sub-domain instead.

I have recently written a post(How to add custom domain) highlighting the steps and things to watch out for. It is also a good idea to customize the back-half or the slug of the URL. It makes it easy to read and offers SEO benefits.

Branded links are one of the best and cost-effective ways to build brand awareness. A lot of brands have been using branded links for a while now. CNN for example uses domain to shorten links.

For more information, check out our platform that lets you create short links with your custom domain.

You can also read our previous post about this topic : 3 Big reasons why you should use a custom URL shortener

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