Update on infrastructure and IP address

We have some important updates regarding Blanq’s backend infrastructure to improve reliability and security.

New IP address

We have moved to a new IP address which means in your DNS settings, you would need to update your current A record from to for the domain that you have already added in the dashboard.

We will continue to support the old IP address until 20th of September 2020. This is one time and final exercise on your end. The IP address will not change in the future.

Cname support added

You can now add CNAME instead of using IP address if you prefer CNAME for your domain. Just create a new CNAME record and use cname.blanq.io. in the Value field and @ in Host field.

Give us a few hours to verify your DNS changes and once verified, we will send you an email.

Better database reliability and security

Over the weekend, we migrated our entire database to DigitalOcean’s Managed database service thereby ensuring a more reliable and secure application. You will notice slightly better performance with this change.

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