How does a Flow (Traffic Routing) work?

Flows is a traffic routing feature that lets you add additional links (alternative links) for the same short URL. So, a single short link can have multiple original links.

There are 4 conditions that you can use to build a Flow: Countries, Device Types, Languages and Platforms(as seen below).

Enter an alternative link in the field so that it is used as the redirection link in case all the above conditions are satisfied.

In the above example, the user clicking on your short link will be redirected to the alternative link if he/she is either from the US or Spain and, is on Phone and, has set English as the language on his/her client and, uses Android.

To explain it further:

Assume your short link is for the original link You can add the following flows to redirect your users to respective sites if certain conditions are met.

Flow 1:

Alternative Link:

for Phone, iOS

Flow 2:

Alternative Link:

for Desktop, Spanish

If the first flow’s conditions are met, the user is redirected to and if not, the second flow’s conditions are checked.

If they happen to match, then the user is redirected to

If neither of the flows matches, then the user is redirected to the original link

Within a condition, it is an OR operation and within different conditions, it is an AND operation.

For example, as seen in the image above the flow would translate to (US OR Spain) AND (Phone) AND (English) AND (Android).

Try creating a flow in the dashboard and if you have questions, please email us anytime to support[at]

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