edit short link in Blanq

How to customize short URL

After you have created a short link, you can edit the destination link, change the title and customize the backhalf(slug) of the short URL.

In your Blanq dashboard, click on the Edit icon corresponding to the link which opens up a box to update the values.

Edit link icon in the dashboard

Hit the “Save” button after you make the changes. If you have updated the destination link then, the short link should now redirect to this updated link.

If you have updated the backhalf field, the short link with the earlier backhalf will return a 404(not found) page.

Fields that can be updated for a short link

If you plan to update your flows(traffic routing rules) then, you will need to delete the existing flow and create a new one. The delete icon is located right next to the flow as seen in the image below.

Traffic routing flows

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