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How to create a QR code for a link

QR code is that square black and white image you see at restaurants, websites, apps, hotels, museums and other such locations. QR codes are great since they offer people a chance to quickly scan and know more information about something.

You can pretty much embed anything in a QR code, but here I will explain how you can create a QR code for a link. What this means is that when someone scans this QR code, they are redirected to this link on their mobile phone or any other scanning device.

While embedding a regular link is fine, a short link is better since it allows you to track every click. Plus, in case the original long link changes, you can simply update it and still retain the same short link and you do not need to generate a new QR code image.


If you haven’t already signed up, go to our signup page here. Enter your details or use Google login and proceed towards your dashboard.

At the top, you will notice a “Shorten Link” button. Click on it to open an overlay window. Paste your destination links and hit the “Shorten” button to go to the next step. Your link is now shortened, but it uses a demo.blanq.link domain which is not recommended by us. Instead, connect your domain or subdomain to short your link to increase brand awareness and visibility.

Read this post to understand how to add your domains for link shortening.

shorten link button

To add your domain, you can click on the Domains link in the header and then proceed with the steps written on that page. The domain verification can take a couple of hours and when it is done, we will send you an email.

Come back when you receive domain verified email and repeat the above process to shorten your links. Click on the QR code tab to see the image, and to download it, you can press either the PNG or SVG(recently added) buttons as shown below.

qr code generated in blanq

Track QR code scans

Every scan is tracked and we provide you more information about your audience or customers. Here’s how the analytics page looks like.

analytics page of short link scans

What are you waiting for? Head to Blanq and create a free account now.

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