How to shorten link with domain

Follow these steps to shorten your link with your custom domain in Blanq.

If you have not already set up your custom domain within the Blanq dashboard, please visit this link to set up one (or more).

After you signup or login, click on the New Link button in the header.

Dashboard view

It opens up a pop-up that allows you to select your domain. If you have not added any custom domain, the default domain can be used.

Enter the long link in the field below the domain select box and click on Shorten.

Shorten your link

It then takes you to the next screen that displays your short link, an optional title, backhalf or slug, and the original link.

You can change any of the fields and hit Save.

It is best to customize the backhalf to make it more memorable. For example sell-shoes or presentation-ppt.

Update details

Click on the copy button located right next to the short link and share it with everyone. Come back and track clicks, edit or delete the link.

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