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Instagram URL shortener – How to create short custom URL

Instagram allows you to add a link to your profile. It can be a link to your homepage, blog or a specific page on your website. You can use our URL shortener to shorten and brand your links.

Why use a custom URL shortener for Instagram

Long and original links tend to be ugly and underperform compared to short branded links. Here’s an example of a long link that is full of UTM parameters. Your followers won’t be able to tell what that link stands for and where it takes them.

instagram profile displaying long link

What you can do instead is create a short branded link that is recognizable and offers much more clarity. Such links have higher click-through rates meaning more business opportunities for you.

The Instagram profiles of Coca-cola and Adidas are good examples of this strategy.

coca-cola instagram profile that uses short branded link

What’s great about these links is that you can create different links for different purposes. For instance, if you are running a sale, go to our platform and create a short link (for example for this period.

Then head to your instagram profile by clicking on your profile icon at the top. Click on “Edit Profile” which opens up a form. Paste the above short link in the Website field and hit Save. Your profile should display this link now.

If you want to understand more about branded links, please read our previous post on this topic. To add custom domains, please follow these steps to have your own branded links.

Try Blanq today – it offers a great solution to shorten any link. You can add custom domains, route traffic, track clicks and do a lot more. If you have questions or have trouble updating your profile, send us an email at support[at] We will be happy to answer them.

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