Shorten UTM links with Blanq

Before we jump into the steps to shorten UTM links, let’s first dive into what they mean and do for you.

What are UTM links?

If you are unaware of UTM codes, let me explain them first. Urchin Tracking Module (UTM) codes are snippets of code — attached to the end of a URL. They are used to measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

There are 5 types of UTM codes or tags that you can use.

Campaign Source (utm_source): The source of origination like email digest, Facebook, Twitter etc.

Campaign Medium (utm_medium): To identify the medium like cost per click ads, QR code etc.

Campaign Name (utm_campaign): Name of the campaign you are running like black_friday_sale.

Campaign Term (utm_term): To identify paid per click terms or keywords.

Campaign Content (utm_content): To differentiate between ads.

How to shorten your UTM Links

If you haven’t already created a Blanq account, go to the Signup page and create one for free. You do not need a credit card to get started and the Trial is for 15 days.

When you are in the dashboard, you can click on the “Shorten Link” button at the top that opens up a window. In there, paste your long UTM URL, select your custom domain and click Shorten. That’s it, and on the next screen, you can customize it further to make it memorable.

shorten link button
shorten with url view

If you have not added your own domain, read this post for more details. If you do not own a separate domain, simply create a subdomain for your current domain and start shortening your UTM links.

Bonus: How to create UTM URLs

Create UTM Links

We’ve built a free UTM builder tool that helps you build the entire URL with UTM tags. You do not need to be logged in to use this tool. Paste your link, fill in the relevant UTM fields to see the fully formed UTM URL.

When you are done with the filling, you can then copy and paste to shorten it as it makes it easier for you to share and track clicks. Share this link with your audience, come back and take a look at its performance with easy to understand analytics.

Track UTM Links

For every UTM link that you have shortened in Blanq, you can track clicks, see the devices being used, platforms on those devices, countries and a lot more information. This will allow you to see the effectiveness of your campaign and any adjustments you might have to make in the future.

Blanq short link analytics page that shows click tracking.
Blanq link tracking page with metrics

Traffic Routing

While regular UTM links are fine, you can get more out of every link by using the Traffic routing feature of Blanq. This feature redirects to different destination links based on your conditions, for example, anybody visiting your short link from the US will be redirected to the first link while everybody else will be redirected to the second link.

To summarise, Blanq is a perfect URL shortener to create, edit and manage all your UTM links. It is easy to use and free to try.

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